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  • Date Rape and Its Consequences

    January 29, 2020

    Overview of Date Rape in New Jersey Reports of date rape continue to make the news with stories of college students raped by a co-student or an employee raped by a co-worker. Date rape cases can be complicated because of the prior nature of the relationship, making it difficult to determine a lack of consent. […]

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  • Uber Settles with Victim of Self-Driving Car Accident

    July 31, 2018

    The first incident of death involving self-driving vehicle technology occurred in Tempe, Arizona.  Ms. Herzberg was walking her bicycle across a four-lane road out of the cross-walking area. Video evidence from a dashcam inside the car showed the self-driving SUV traveling at night under the visually difficult circumstance.  Suddenly the headlights flashed onto Herzberg who […]

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  • How NJ Determines Which Sex Offenders Are Dangerous

    July 24, 2018

    After an individual has been charged with a sex crime, there is a certain system in place in New Jersey that involves categorizing them by risk level based on a psych evaluation, programs they have attended, the severity of the crime, and etc.  Depending on the tier level that the person is placed in will also […]

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  • Church Youth Leader Used Snapchat To Send Teen Lewd Photo

    December 13, 2017

    Today’s social media is a great way to stay in touch with each other no matter where you are. You can get up-to-date notifications on national and international news, pop culture, what your friends and family are doing, etc. It is even possible to video chat each other in real-time. With all the advances in […]

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  • Willingboro District Can Be Sued Over Classroom Sex

    November 08, 2017

    A former Willingboro High School student may pursue a lawsuit against the Willingboro school district over an alleged sexual assault that occurred in one of the high school’s classrooms, according to a U.S. District Court Judge. The issue in the case is a sex act between the former student and a 17-year-old boy, which occurred in a […]

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  • Supreme Court Rules Social Media Sex Offender Ban Unconstitutional

    October 11, 2017

    The Supreme Court has decided that social media use is a constitutional right even for sex offenders with a criminal record. The decision came as a response to a controversial North Carolina law that initially banned sex offenders from using social media. The court’s response argued that social media, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and […]

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  • New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Distribution

    September 19, 2017

    A man in New Jersey recently pleaded guilty to owning and sharing child pornography materials with others. He received a five-year prison sentence for the second-degree charge of child pornography distribution. Under Megan’s Law, he must register as a sex offender and will be required to submit to parole supervision for the rest of his life. The […]

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  • FBI Cracks Down on Human Trafficking, 29 Suspects Arrested in New Jersey

    October 26, 2016

    Federal authorities recently arrested hundreds of people accused of human trafficking in the U.S., including 29 individuals in New Jersey. The underage human trafficking sting operation was spearheaded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), with FBI agents coordinating with local law enforcement agencies and police departments around the country as they worked to capture pimps and […]

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  • Ukrainian Man Pretended to Be Pennsylvania High School Student, Had Sex with Underage Girl

    August 11, 2016

    An adult from Ukraine recently pleaded guilty to sex crime charges stemming from his impersonation of a minor at a Pennsylvania high school. According to law enforcement, Artur Samarin, the 23-year-old suspect, posed as a much younger individual in order to enroll at a high school in Dauphin County, PA. Samarin, a Ukrainian man, then engaged in […]

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  • Bucks County PA Man Charged with Sexual Assault, Allegedly Held 12 Girls in Captivity at Home

    July 11, 2016

    The case of a Bucks County PA man who allegedly held 12 girls in captivity at his home and sexually assaulted at least one of them has garnered national media coverage. The suspect, a 51-year-old man named Lee Kaplan, was arrested after local law enforcement found the victims in his residence. The suspect and the victims reportedly […]

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