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  • Understanding Punitive Damages in New Jersey DUI Cases: A Guide to Legal Recourse

    October 20, 2023

    Drunk driving is a pervasive issue that has claimed countless lives and caused innumerable injuries on our roads. When a drunk driver causes an accident, the impact can be devastating and far-reaching, claiming countless lives and causing immeasurable injuries on New Jersey roads, leaving victims with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. In New […]

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  • Top 10 Most Common Defective Products Leading to Injuries in New Jersey

    October 06, 2023

    When consumers buy products, they trust that these items are safe and have been thoroughly tested. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Each year, countless New Jersey residents suffer injuries due to defective products. At Garber Law, P.C., we advocate for those harmed by these products and strive to hold the responsible parties accountable. […]

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  • 5 Comprehensive Steps to Hiring the Right Personal Injury Attorney

    September 22, 2023

    Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is physically and emotionally taxing. The burden of medical bills and the uncertainty of a disrupted work schedule can be overwhelming. For many, a personal injury attorney serves as an essential guide through this complex journey, helping you secure the financial support you need to move forward. At […]

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  • Understanding Your Rights: When Can Police Search Your Car in New Jersey Without a Warrant?

    September 08, 2023

    The flashing lights of a police car in your rear-view mirror can instantly ratchet up your stress levels, regardless of the reason for being pulled over. If you find yourself in such a scenario on a New Jersey road, it’s crucial to remain calm and composed. While it’s important to comply with law enforcement’s instructions, […]

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  • Can Passengers File Claims In Motorcycle Accident Cases?

    August 24, 2023

    Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, often resulting in severe injuries and financial hardship for those involved. When we think of motorcycle accident claims, we often focus on the rights and options available to the motorcycle rider. However, what about passengers who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a motorcycle accident? In […]

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  • Common Injuries Resulting from Slip and Fall Accidents

    August 10, 2023

    Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. While they may seem minor, these incidents can result in serious injuries that have far-reaching consequences for the victim’s life. In the state of New Jersey, these accidents occur frequently, often leading to personal injury claims. This article aims to shed light […]

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  • Trampoline Park Injuries: What You Need to Know

    July 31, 2023

    Trampoline parks have become increasingly popular recreational destinations in recent years, offering fun and excitement for people of all ages. These parks offer exhilarating experiences, attracting people of all ages seeking adrenaline-filled fun. However, the rise in trampoline park usage has also brought about a concerning increase in trampoline-related injuries. This article will delve into […]

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  • Theft Of Services: What Does It Mean In Pennsylvania And New Jersey?

    July 13, 2023

    Theft Of Services: What Does It Mean In Pennsylvania And New Jersey? Theft of services, a grave offense, involves the acquisition of services without rightful payment or through fraudulent means to evade payment. This theft crime holds the potential for severe legal ramifications, encompassing criminal charges, fines, and even imprisonment. In this article, we delve […]

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  • Why Do Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents Spike During The Summer Months?

    June 30, 2023

    As the temperature rises and the days become longer, the summer season beckons people to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, with the increase in pedestrian and bicycle activity comes a corresponding rise in accidents involving these vulnerable road users. Understanding the factors that contribute to this spike in accidents can help us raise […]

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  • From Collisions to Catastrophe: The Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

    June 13, 2023

    Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, resulting in severe injuries and even the loss of life. The inherent vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road puts them at a higher risk of sustaining injuries compared to occupants of other vehicles. Understanding the most common personal injuries in motorcycle accidents is crucial for both riders and other drivers […]

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