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  • What Happens If I Am Not Read My Rights?

    June 10, 2020

    Today, it is a part of popular culture that when a person is arrested, a police officer will begin telling the suspect, “You have the right to remain silent…” These words begin the list of rights known as the Miranda rights. Some people believe that when the police don’t read them their Miranda rights, it […]

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  • Do I Need a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer?

    June 08, 2020

    When you pay your insurance premiums in full and on time, you expect that your insurance company will pay a claim whenever it arises. Unfortunately, you may find that your insurer is denying a claim that is clearly covered under your policy, or denying the full extent of compensation you are requesting even if you […]

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  • What is Considered a Traffic Violation in NJ?

    May 28, 2020

    New Jersey considers any action that goes against state laws while operating a vehicle to be considered a traffic violation. Traffic violations are issued by local city and county officers to offenders. These are a few of the most common types of traffic violations that you might face when in New Jersey. Speeding/Careless and Reckless […]

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  • Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

    May 08, 2020

    Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common sources of personal injuries in Pennsylvania. The type of vehicle accident that you’re involved in will usually determine the overall severity of the accident and the expected property damages that you’ll face. These are a few of the most common types of vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania. Single-Vehicle […]

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  • Those Violating COVID-19 Closures Could Face Criminal Charges, NJ’s Top Cop Says

    April 30, 2020

    Much of the world is on hold right now as we work to control COVID-19. State by state, governors have implemented stay-at-home orders in an attempt to reduce the overall spread. While this action has curtailed and reduced the number of occurrences, it has also had a negative financial impact and groups of residents are […]

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  • Common Types of Construction Accidents

    April 10, 2020

    Among the thousands of work-related injuries that occur each year, construction accidents are the most common cause. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of work-related fatalities are in the construction industry. Related blog: What You Must Know About Construction Accident Fatalities Common Construction Accidents In New Jersey Construction workers are at risk of many different types of injuries. […]

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  • What Do I Need to Prove to Win a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

    March 17, 2020

    Have you ever seen those wet floor signs and wondered why they’re so pervasive? The main reason why businesses have adopted these signs across the board is that they know they’re responsible for keeping people on their property safe. Have you recently experienced a slip and fall accident and suffered an injury? If so, then you’re likely […]

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  • What to Expect After Your First DUI Charge in NJ

    March 04, 2020

    After a few beers, you might feel okay to drive, but you’re likely already over the legal limit. Despite how you’re feeling, you can still get arrested and charged with a DUI in New Jersey. Even if a breathalyzer reveals that you’re under the legal limit, the authorities still have the discretion to charge you with a […]

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  • Dealing With Drug Possession Charges in New Jersey

    February 18, 2020

    Drug possession charges tend to vary from state to state. Whereas one state might consider a drug possession charge to be a misdemeanor, another state might consider it a felony. It is important to evaluate your options and understand your charges when dealing with a possession charge. The charges you receive could affect your life […]

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  • Filing a Time Sensitive Personal Injury Case in New Jersey

    February 08, 2020

    Were you injured at the fault of someone else? While you might be eligible for compensation, depending on the details of your personal injury, personal injury cases are time-sensitive. It is important to begin evaluating the details of your case as soon as possible, while determining whether or not another party is at fault. Important Elements […]

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