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Why Do Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents Spike During The Summer Months?

June 30, 2023

Why Do Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents Spike During The Summer Months?

As the temperature rises and the days become longer, the summer season beckons people to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, with the increase in pedestrian and bicycle activity comes a corresponding rise in accidents involving these vulnerable road users. Understanding the factors that contribute to this spike in accidents can help us raise awareness, promote safety, and take preventive measures. In this article, we explore why pedestrian and bicycle accidents tend to rise during the summer months and how a personal injury attorney can be a reliable resource for individuals seeking legal guidance and support.

1. Increased Outdoor Activity:

The pleasant weather and longer daylight hours of summer encourage people to engage in outdoor activities like walking, running, and cycling. As a result, there is an overall increase in pedestrian and bicycle traffic on roads, sidewalks, and trails. With more people participating in these activities, the likelihood of accidents and child injuries naturally increases.

2. Driver Distraction:

During the summer months, there is an influx of tourists and vacationers in popular areas. The higher volume of traffic, unfamiliarity with the surroundings, scenic views, open car windows, and relaxed mindset can lead to driver distraction. Drivers may be more inclined to use their phones, adjust navigation systems, engage in conversations, or adjust in-vehicle air conditioning, diverting their attention from the road. These distractions can divert their attention away from pedestrians and cyclists, leading to a greater risk of car accidents.

3. Intoxication and Impaired Judgment:

Summer is synonymous with holidays, social gatherings, parties, barbecues, and celebrations. Unfortunately, these festivities often involve alcohol consumption, leading to impaired judgment, reduced coordination, and slower reaction times. Intoxicated individuals, whether drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists, may take risks, neglect traffic rules, or underestimate the potential dangers associated with walking or cycling on the roads. This combination significantly raises the risk of drunk driving accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

4. Vacationers and Tourists:

Popular vacation destinations, beach towns, and urban centers often experience an influx of visitors during the summer months. Tourists may not be familiar with local traffic patterns, signage, or pedestrian right-of-way laws. Their unfamiliarity, coupled with crowded streets and roads, can result in pedestrians and cyclists inadvertently crossing roads without proper caution or understanding of local traffic rules, contributing to a higher likelihood of accidents occurring.

5. Recreational Areas and Events:

Summertime is synonymous with outdoor recreational areas such as parks, beaches, and hiking trails. These areas attract a significant number of pedestrians and cyclists, leading to increased congestion. Additionally, organized events like parades, festivals, and races may temporarily alter traffic patterns, creating confusion for both motorists and non-motorists and potentially leading to commercial property injury accidents.

6. Lack of Safety Precautions:

In some cases, both pedestrians and cyclists fail to take adequate safety precautions during the summer months. Pedestrians may jaywalk or cross streets without using designated crosswalks, while cyclists may disregard traffic signals or fail to wear proper safety gear, such as helmets. Such negligence can increase the likelihood of accidents and wrongful death.

7. School Breaks:

With summer comes the end of the academic year, leading to school breaks for students of all ages. The increased presence of children playing and engaging in outdoor activities during daylight hours can result in a higher probability of accidents involving young pedestrians and cyclists.

8. Inadequate Road Infrastructure:

In some regions, the road infrastructure may not be well-equipped to handle the increased influx of pedestrians and cyclists during the summer months. Insufficient bike lanes, poorly marked crosswalks, and inadequate signage can contribute to confusion and create hazardous conditions for both pedestrians and cyclists.

9. Weather-Related Factors:

The pleasant weather conditions during the summer can entice more people to walk or bike to their destinations. However, certain weather-related factors can contribute to accidents. Sudden rain showers can create slippery road conditions, reducing traction for both pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, longer daylight hours may lead to increased evening activities, where visibility may be compromised.

Key Takeaway:

As the summer months bring about an upsurge in outdoor activities, it is vital to recognize and address the factors contributing to pedestrian and bicycle accidents. It is crucial for individuals, communities, and local authorities to prioritize safety education, enforcement of traffic laws, and infrastructure improvements to minimize the risks associated with these accidents. By staying vigilant, practicing safe habits, and raising awareness, we can work together to make the summer months safer for everyone on the roads. Remember, your safety and the safety of others should always be top priorities.

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