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The Importance of Taking Notes after an Accident or Injury

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

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No matter how great you believe your memory to be it is always good practice to write down everything that happened after being involved in an accident and/or suffering an injury. The longer you wait to record the details of your event the greater the chance that something that occurred is either missed or changed by your memory. This is why the sooner you start to take notes on the incident the better off you will be in the long run. It is important to realize that even the most dramatic accident may seem like an event that will never stop playing in your head, and it would be impossible to forget a single aspect. What you might fail to realize though is that you may need to recall these exact details many weeks and even months later, and at that point, you will be extremely thankful that you kept meticulous notes from the beginning.

Details of the Accident

It is understandable that after an accident you will need some time to recover and process what happened. As soon as you are able to, however, you should immediately write down all of the details you can from the event. Things such as why you were at that location, where you were going, what you were doing, who was with you, who may have witnessed it, anything you may have seen or heard when it happened, etc. All of these aspects need to be written down as it is possible that they could come into play at a future time. It is also good to note that you do not have to write down all of the specifics at the same time. If at any point you remember additional details make sure to jot it down as soon as you remember it as the events might not be clear to you all at once.

Details of Any Injuries

Once you are able to try and write down any aches, pains, soreness, discomfort, or even mental anxiety or distress that you have experienced after the accident. It is possible that at some point you will need to describe these symptoms to an insurance agency, and if you are doing so many months after the accident you will be glad you properly documented your issues at the time especially when it can result in you being properly compensated.

Financial or Other Types of Losses

If you end up missing work, or you miss out on certain social or family obligations as well as the pain and suffering you were caused from said accident these are all circumstances that would benefit you to take notes on. The idea that you missed out on job opportunities, work functions, meetings, family events, classes that you take, these are all situations that you could be compensated for if you missed them due to an accident. And again, the most beneficial way to make the best case you can to an insurance company is to have well-written notes on all of these aspects as it will better help you remember all of this information when you need it in the future. Even the greatest note taker needs a qualified attorney when fighting for the compensation they so rightly deserve. If you or someone you love needs a personal injury attorney contact Garber Law to schedule an initial case evaluation at 856-281-1480 in New Jersey and 866-556-2962 in Pennsylvania or write us a message via our online contact form.