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When crime victims deserve personal injury compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Personal Injury

Victims of assault, robbery and other crimes often suffer severe physical and emotional wounds that can last a lifetime. While we obtain justice in the criminal law system, we must seek financial compensation in the civil court system. If you were injured due to another person’s criminal acts, you may deserve compensation from that person and from other parties who contributed to the dangerous situation.

Premises liability claims

Property owners bear a responsibility to keep visitors safe from criminal activity and other hazards. If you were assaulted in a parking garage, for instance, your attorney should look into the security system the owner had in place. Were entrances open that should have been locked? Were alarms and cameras properly functioning? If not, the owner was putting your safety in jeopardy. A criminal took advantage of this lax security and you suffered as a result. You deserve justice in the criminal law system. You deserve compensation in the civil law system.

Other examples of negligent security claims include:

  • Injuries sustained from bar fights
  • Crimes taking place in hotels and apartment buildings
  • Robberies in retail stores
  • Assaults and shootings taking place at schools

Criminal assailants often do not have the financial resources to make it worthwhile for a victim to sue them. In pursuing full justice and compensation for victims, an attorney must identify all liable parties and explore all potential sources of compensation.

Drunk driving accidents

If a drunk driver injured you, they were both breaking the law and violating your rights. By pursuing a personal injury claim, you can not only help yourself financially but also hold a careless person accountable for his or her actions.

Making our cities and roads safer for others

There is another benefit to taking legal action against a negligent party after a crime. It sends a message that we all must take seriously our responsibilities for ensuring the safety of others. Those who fail to do so deserve to be held financially accountable for their actions. Whether a drunk driver injured you or you suffered due to a robbery, assault or other criminal act, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you fight for a successful outcome.