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The Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Criminal Defense

What Can New Jersey Residents Charged with a Crime Expect From a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When an individual is facing penalties associated with committing specific crimes, that individual will need help from a defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney takes on the responsibility of providing the best defense possible for the person who has been arrested for a crime. Although the individual might not have much knowledge about the law, the criminal defense attorney does and will use that knowledge to help the defendant.

Consulting with the Clients

An attorney would need to consult with his or her clients to get information on the case. Having as much information as possible is necessary for any legal professional that is trying to come up with a defense for his or her client. The defense lawyer will ask the client questions and document those answers before figuring out which type of approach to take.

Investigating the Situation

Aside from relying on information from the client, the criminal defense attorney would need to investigate the situation even further to look for ways to get an acquittal for the client. Police may be questioned during this time for additional information. If there are witnesses that were involved in the case, the attorney might want to speak to them and get some information from them. Before the prosecution hands its case over to the jury, the defense attorney would get to review it and find potential loopholes or inconsistencies. The investigation process also involves reviewing any evidence that is currently being used against the client.

Providing the Client with Updates

A good criminal defense lawyer will provide the client with updates and remain in contact with him or her throughout this legal process. If something new develops, it is the responsibility of the lawyer to contact the client and make him or her aware of any of the new development and changes that have been brought into the case. The best way to have a successful outcome is for both the defense lawyer and the client to communicate back and forth with one another quite often.

Completing Negotiations

In some situations, it is better to try to negotiate with the prosecution for a much lighter sentence. Plea bargains are offered to some people based on different factors, including their criminal history and the type of crime they committed. The lawyer wants to obtain the best deal possible for his or her client to keep the client from spending the maximum amount of time away in prison.

Putting Up a Fight

One of the most important things that a criminal defense attorney does is put up a fight for the client. The prosecution may work hard to build a case against the defendant, but it is the criminal defense attorney who will do everything possible to knock the case down and possibly even get it thrown out with all charges dropped. The criminal defense attorney takes on many responsibilities and has a lot to handle. Many of these legal professionals commonly work on cases involving robberies, homicides, drug manufacturing, and other types of crimes.

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