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Discovery Options in a Personal Injury Case

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Personal Injury

Overview: Personal Injury


If you find yourself injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may choose to file a personal injury claim against them.  Without anyway to prove that the party is liable for your injury, however, you will find yourself empty handed. The United States of America’s legal system is based on evidence.  Someone should not be charged or sued unless evidence is provided that is beyond reasonable doubt. That is why understanding your discovery options will be crucial in gathering evidence and supporting your overall case.

Depositions and Interrogations

A lot of information can be gathered through depositions and interrogations.  These are scenarios that involve posing a variety of questions to particular party or witness for a personal injury case. In both scenarios, the individual will be giving answers under oath, meaning they can be in serious trouble if they lie or give any type of false testimony.  Court reporters or writers are usually present, as well. Testimonies can be very helpful in fully understanding a personal injury case.

Requests for Production, Admission, or Subpoena Duces Tecum

There are many types of evidence that you can make an actual request for.  You may need medical records or scans showing your injuries or evidence to prove exactly how much wages were lost with a a signed loss statement from an employer.  There may be other parties who have access to evidence that must be requested in someway such as a dash cam video from a witness, security camera recordings, pictures from a witness’s phone, etc.   These are known as requests for production. There are also requests for admission.  This is where you have parties approve or deny a certain fact for the case.  This can help with fully understanding the scope of the situation and the negligence of another party.  It can help get to the facts. Finally, there are also subpoenas.  These are usually a legally-ordered document requirement.  A subpoena duces tecum specifically allows for sending requests to other parties for important records including medical, financial, invoice, or other physical documents or paperwork.

Physical Examinations and Expert Medical Opinion

Without a through examination, you may find yourself asking for too little compensation for your injuries.  A quality physical examination can provide insight into your injuries. A full assessment and document opinion from a medical expert can also help.  Perhaps a doctor discovers that shattered bones will not heal properly or resulted in internal bleeding that has resulted in other medical issues. With a medical professional’s help, you can get a full scope on the extent of your injuries and how much it will cost to get better (if you can fully heal that is).

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