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Lawsuits Against the Police

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense

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Police officers are generally seen as the keepers of the peace and beacons of justice, but even these prestigious men and women are subject to breaking the law occasionally. When a police officer uses his or her position of authority to commit civil rights violations, there is legal recourse for victims. Although the road is complex and challenging, victims can pursue a lawsuit against the police.

Civil Rights Violations and Police Misconduct

A statute called Section 1983 protects citizens from civil rights violations, oppressive conduct and brutality at the hands of authorities. The law explicitly prohibits any person from using their legal authority to deprive another individual of his Constitutional rights. This section is most frequently cited against law enforcement officers who have acted outside of the reasonable scope afford to them by law against people suspected of crimes. Common causes for a lawsuit against an officer include:

  • False imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Excessive or unreasonable use of force
  • Failure to intervene

False arrest occurs when a person’s right against unreasonable seizure as provided in the Fourth Amendment is violated. The victim must prove that the officer never had a reasonable suspicion or reason to believe a crime was committed when the arrest occurred. Malicious prosecution happens when an officer wrongly deprives a person to liberty by charging them of a crime that they were later acquitted of. The charges must have been brought with malicious intent by the officer. Excessive force occurs when the officer’s amount of force against a suspect are unreasonable. Finally, a failure to intervene happens when one officer fails to intervene to protect a victim when another officer is violating their rights.

Pursuing a Lawsuit Against the Police

Pursuing a lawsuit against the police is challenging for a number of reasons. The burden of proof is most often on the victim’s shoulders, and they are fighting against an entire system that is biased towards police officers. Some factors that make these lawsuits more difficult include:

  • Qualified immunity: This defense suggests that an officer working within the scope of his authority cannot be sued for his actions.
  • Claims against the police are often expensive
  • The victim must collect evidence to prove the misconduct
  • Complaints against a department may be hindered or obstructed by other law enforcement officers seeking to protect their own

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