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Tips for Writing a Demand Letter

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Personal Injury

Demand letters are most commonly used in personal injury cases. A personal injury case stems from any type of accident that left a victim injured. The injuries can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, nursing home accidents, police misconduct, defective products, workplace accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and many other incidents. Today, we will take a look at some important tips for writing a demand letter. First off, we must explain what a demand letter is used for in personal injury cases. It is a letter sent to the at-fault party saying you plan to file a lawsuit if you are unable to settle out of court. Demand letters are written and sent to the party facing the lawsuit for the injury, the party’s insurance company, and your insurance party.

Reasons to Send a Demand Letter

What are some reasons to send a demand letter to an at-fault party in Camden County, NJ? Some of the most common reasons include the following:

  • Allowing the at-fault party an opportunity to solve the problem
  • Making an official notification to the other party that you plan to file a lawsuit
  • Show the court that the other party was given a reasonable chance to resolve the issue
  • Increasing the chances the dispute is solved quickly
  • Use as evidence to support the case
  • Persuade the court to issue you a larger settlement amount

What to Include in a Demand Letter

Writing a demand letter is a challenge, especially if you have not written a legal document of its kind in the past. There are some key features that should always be included in a demand letter and they include the following:

  • Explanation of why you believe the other party’s at-fault
  • Details of any injuries suffered in the accident, especially if they are long-term or caused disability
  • In-depth detail of any lost wages
  • The total amount of all medical expenses, including both doctor and hospital fees
  • Explanation of the effect the accident had on your everyday life
  • How much you are seeking in damages
  • Intent to pursue a legal remedy if demand not met
  • Deadline for the at-fault party to respond to the letter (7-14 days)

Helpful Demand Letter Writing Tips

The next time you need to write a demand letter for injuries caused in an accident you should keep these helpful tips in mind. The letter should only present the facts of the accident and your injuries. Clear and concise is the way to go with a demand letter at all times. Never admit any type of fault in the demand letter. This can hurt your case and your chances at a settlement. Always write a demand letter in a professional, educated, confident and polite way. A demand letter is always better typed instead of handwritten.

Submit Evidence with Demand Letter

One way to make your demand letter really stand out is to submit evidence with the letter. You can acquire police reports, pictures of the accident scene, pictures of your injuries and statements from witnesses and submit all of these with the demand letter to the at-fault party.

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