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SUV Crashes Into Barnes and Noble Store

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Firm News

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The people inside of a Barnes and Noble store on Route 3 in Clifton had an unexpected and unwanted surprise after an SUV crashed through the front of the store and into the register section where their employees were working. One female store employee was injured in what has been described as a minor lower-body injury but luckily it seems as though no other workers were hurt. As of now, the driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital for further evaluation but no other information is known at this point in time. Currently, these are believed to be the only injuries in what is being considered an accidental crash according to the Clifton Deputy Fire Chief.

The SUV Caused Significant Damage to the Front of the Store

As a result of the crash, two glass windows in the front of the store were shattered, which also left the awning above the windows hanging as well. A witness of the incident stated that the car smashed right up into the register section where store clerks were working at the time. Considering that this incident occurred on a Thursday afternoon many are saying that it is very fortunate there were not any more serious injuries as a result, especially in such a busy section in the town of Clifton. Even with the lone employee’s injury and the status of the driver unknown, this could have obviously had much more dangerous results.

No comments on the Accident from the Employees or the Company

Clifton police arrived on the scene quickly but when approaching the employees for comment, they stated that they were not able to make an official comment on what occurred. The only info they could relay is that the store did, in fact, close earlier than normal at 5 p.m. A Barnes and Noble spokesperson had also been reached for comment however they admitted they could not make a statement on the situation at this time and made sure to direct any and all questions to the Clifton Police department.

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