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Ford’s Plans for Future Autonomous Police Vehicles

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Traffic Violations

Camden County Traffic Lawyers

Incredibly, Ford has made headlines by recently pursuing a patent for a completely autonomous police vehicle. This cop car is capable of determining when another vehicle has violated a traffic law. From there, the car can either take action itself or work in partnership with the human officer to deliver a citation. When the autonomous police vehicle finds another car guilty of speeding, it can easily capture the vehicle’s license plate. The human cop can then pursue the vehicle or choose to utilize the police car’s autonomous technology.

Wireless Communication Between Police Cars and Other Vehicles

According to Ford’s patent, police vehicles of the future would be capable of establishing wireless communication with offending vehicles. The cop car would send a message regarding the offenses and citations or warning. Other cars could potentially transmit information back to the police car, including the car’s status at the time of the offense and a photograph of the human driver. If the offender’s vehicle was in autonomous driving mode when the infraction occurred, then the car would relay this information back to the police. The police vehicle would also be capable of indicating the legal consequences of the infraction, including a traffic ticket or warning. This futuristic type of technology might seem too far advanced to be implemented on a massive scale anytime soon, but some foreign countries and cities, such as Singapore and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, are already utilizing similar technology. Traffic law violations on your driving record can lead to fines, penalties, jail time, and even loss of your driving privileges.

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