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Another Fatal Amtrak Collision Kills Two and Leaves Over 100 Passengers Injured

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Train Accidents

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Early in February, another devastating Amtrak passenger train crash resulted in the deaths of two Amtrak crew members. This deadly wreck is the third fatal collision Amtrak has suffered in the last two months. This incident came just days after national news agencies reported on a separate Amtrak collision involving several Republican members in Congress. The previous crash occurred when an Amtrak train collided with a parked garbage truck, while this latest collision involved a stationary CSX train.

Amtrak Collision Results in Fatalities

The more recent train accident occurred near a switchyard, and investigators found that one track switch’s position may have forced the Amtrak train off the rails and onto the siding. The Amtrak train was traveling at approximately 59 miles per hour when it collided with an empty CSX train. Both trains were entirely crumpled in the crash, and one of the middle cars of the Amtrak was completely snapped in half. The collision occurred at around 2:45 a.m., so most passengers were asleep when the crash happened. Four different hospitals received 116 individuals injured in the crash, and the Amtrak locomotive’s engineer and conductor were both killed on impact. Most of the other passenger injuries were minor, but at least three individuals were hospitalized in critical condition. One emergency room doctor from Palmetto Health explained that so many individuals were hurt in the train accident that they needed to be transported to hospitals in two buses, and a tent was erected in the ER’s waiting area upon arrival.

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