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Epileptic man suing, alleging police brutality

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Criminal Defense


It is no secret that how law enforcement handles individuals during arrests has had a giant light shining on it in recent years. Between cell phones, police dash cams and body cams and the way videos go viral, the subject of police brutality is under constant scrutiny. The topic is national but touches locally often. Recently, in New Jersey, a man is suing a police department for $2 million in damages, arguing excessive force in an arrest that took place in 2015. The man’s case is a unique one, as he was arrested following a seizure, which rendered him incapable of following orders. The man suffers from complex partial seizures, which do not result in convulsions like most seizures do. Instead, a person with this condition will have control over basic motor skills but is incapable of following commands or holding a conversation. In many cases, they will also not know where they are. A video of the arrest shows the man trying to get out of an ambulance that he was being treated in, stumbling while caught in the stretcher straps. Police tried to tell him to sit down but he was mumbling and not listening to direction. The officers then took him to the ground and worked to get his hands behind his back and into handcuffs while yelling orders at him. The man continued not to follow orders while yelling about being in pain. All in all, the events were not pretty for either party involved. For the man suffering from the seizure, he will need to prove that the police officers used excessive force. When it comes to a police brutality case it is essential to hire an attorney experienced in prosecuting the police. Law officers have a broad discretion when it comes to carrying out their obligations but they do sometimes cross the line. The lawyers at Garber Law have not only handled police brutality cases before, but attorney Paul D. Santangini is a former Deputy Attorney General. He knows all about permissible police conduct, what kind of force is improper and when arrests are false. Most importantly, he knows what it takes to fight a case like this and will give your case the individual attention and effort it deserves. If you or a loved one are facing charges related to a possible police brutality case, do not hesitate to contact Garber Law today. Call 856-282-0398 [New Jersey] or 866-556-2962 [Pennsylvania] to begin discussing your legal options.