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Michelle Lodzinski Found Guilty of Murdering Her Child in New Jersey 25 Years Ago

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Blog

The verdict was handed down by a jury of seven men and five women after a lengthy trial in Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick, NJ.

Lodzinski, a 48-year-old Florida woman who lived in South Amboy NJ when the homicide occurred, cried after the jury said that she was guilty of first degree murder.

Timothy Wiltsey, Lodzinski’s son, went missing on May 25, 1991. During the subsequent investigation, Lodzinski told law enforcement that her son had disappeared while attending a local carnival in Sayreville, New Jersey. However, police became suspicious when Lodzinski began to change her story.

At one point, Lodzinski said that her son had not simply disappeared but rather that he had been kidnapped from the carnival. Despite Lodzinki’s claims that someone kidnapped her child, no one at the carnival was able to report having seen Wiltsey on the carnival grounds.

Approximately one year after Wiltsey disappeared, local police discovered his remains buried in the Edison NJ marshlands.

Lodzinski was not actually charged with murder until 2014, when investigators caught a break as witnesses came forward to connect Wiltsey to a blanket that was found near his remains.

The recent murder trial lasted eight weeks, with Middlesex County prosecutors arguing that Lodzinski killed her son because she was struggling to raise him and believed that her life would be made easier by his death.

Now Lodzinski is set to be sentenced after the jury found her guilty on the most serious criminal charges of homicide.

Lodzinski’s defense lawyer said that his client plans to appeal the murder conviction.

In the meantime, Lodzinski will have to return to Middlesex County Superior Court on August 23 so that she can be formally sentenced. It is possible that she could end up spending the rest of her life in NJ State Prison.

For additional information about this case, read the article, “Woman Convicted of Killing 5-Year-Old Son in 1991.”

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