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Thousands of NJ Drug Convictions in Jeopardy after Lab Technician Faked Marijuana Evidence

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Blog

Kamalkant Shah was employed by NJ State Police as a lab tech. He primarily worked at a laboratory in Little Falls, New Jersey, but the cases for which he analyzed evidence came from all across the state, including Passaic County, Morris County, Sussex County, Essex County and Bergen County.

Shah has been accused of “dry labbing” marijuana evidence in one case. The allegations were first made in December 2015, prompting state officials to initiate an investigation. Now the results of that investigation into Shah have been revealed: the lab technician allegedly faked test results for a substance in a marijuana case.

New Jersey Drug Convictions in Jeopardy

Ernest Caposela, the assignment judge who is in charge of Passaic County criminal cases, said that thousands of cases could be affected by Shah’s alleged deception. Over the course of his career, Shah worked on 7,827 drug cases.

While officials begin to reexamine all of the drug offense cases that Shah worked on during his tenure with the New Jersey State Police, they are focusing primarily on cases involving people who were convicted and are currently serving sentences in NJ State Prison or local county jails. Caposela, the Passaic County assignment judge, said that he believes that these people need to be released immediately until prosecutors can take a closer look at Shah’s work in their cases and determine whether his evidence certifications “have any integrity.”

To learn more about this developing situation, check out the article, “Judge: We May Need to Let Prisoners Out over Lab Tech’s Faked Results.”

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