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Negligent Security Lawyer In South Jersey

At Garber Law, many of the clients that come to us with cases of negligent security have been the victims of carjackings, assaults, theft or other crimes that could have been prevented, had the proper security measures been in place. While the criminal is at fault and will be pursued by law enforcement, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries, your lost wages and your pain and suffering from the negligent property owner.

Types Of Premises Where Criminal Conduct Often Happens

The owners of commercial buildings, including shopping malls, apartment complexes, hospitals, sports complexes, parking lots and other buildings, have an obligation to their consumers and tenants to provide appropriate security measures to ensure safety and security. At Garber Law, we have seen many cases where serious injuries as a result of crimes could have been prevented, had better security been in place. We have represented:

  • Mall patrons who have been assaulted in the store parking lot
  • Bar patrons who were injured in a fight with a bouncer or patron
  • Students injured at a school function
  • Many other cases involving negligent security

Types Of Negligent Security

The term “negligent security” is fairly broad and can encompass a wide range of events, including:

  • Inadequate lighting in parking garages, ATM terminals, apartment vestibules and other places
  • Lack of security cameras, security guards or warning signs
  • Inadequate locks or protection from outside intruders
  • Security guard negligence, including cases where bouncers or security guards have injured business patrons
  • Inadequate or nonexistent magnetometers or metal detectors that allow for firearm offenses

Our New Jersey And Pennsylvania Negligent Security Experience

Our firm has handled premises liability cases, including negligent security, for decades in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have the experience and legal knowledge to stand up for your legal rights. A skilled personal injury lawyer can make the difference in your case.

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