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  • What Kind of Defenses Can I Use in a Criminal Case?

    August 22, 2019

    Criminal Defense Strategies in NJ A criminal charge can significantly affect your life. It can lead to felony charges, jail time, and expensive fines, and it can also present challenges when seeking employment following incarceration. Fortunately, because of how the United States legal system is designed, there must be proof that you committed the criminal […]

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  • Necessary Elements to Prove in a Slip and Fall Case

    August 13, 2019

    Slips and Falls in New Jersey One minute you are walking through your favorite retailer and the next, you slip and fall on the wet floor. Everyone nearby immediately surrounds you, asking you if you are okay. There is mention of calling an ambulance but you’re still not even sure what happened. This is an […]

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  • Discovery Options in a Personal Injury Case

    July 22, 2019

    Overview: Personal Injury If you find yourself injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may choose to file a personal injury claim against them.  Without any way to prove that the party is liable for your injury, however, you will find yourself empty-handed. The United States of America’s legal system is based on evidence.  Someone should not […]

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  • Criminal Defense Strategies

    July 09, 2019

    Consequences of Conviction When someone has been arrested and is facing criminal charges, it can be a very scary process.  Getting something on your permanent records, facing jail time, losing a driver’s license, paying heavy fines, all of these can seriously negatively affect someone’s life.  Whether the individual is guilty of the crime or not, […]

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  • Soft Tissue Injuries Resulting from an Accident

    June 24, 2019

    Car Accident Injuries Statistics The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that car accidents are the number one cause of injury in the United States. Americans spend an average of over one million days hospitalized every year because of injuries they sustained in car accidents. Among these injuries are soft tissue injuries. Whiplash injuries, which are forms […]

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  • Drug Paraphernalia Laws in New Jersey

    June 10, 2019

    Back in 2003, Attorney General John Ashcroft explained how the “drug paraphernalia business is now accessible in anyone’s home with a computer and Internet access.” His assessment of the situation was accurate then, and it’s only become more widely available as the years have gone by. What is drug paraphernalia, and is it illegal in […]

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  • Drug Crimes in New Jersey Carry Harsh Penalties

    May 02, 2019

    Drug Crimes in New Jersey New Jersey has some of the toughest drug laws in the country, and in order to discourage individuals from violating those laws, those crimes carry severe penalties, which increase when a person has been convicted of a drug crime previously. Individuals charged with these crimes need to be aware of the possible […]

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  • Lawsuits Against the Police

    April 24, 2019

    Police officers are generally seen as the keepers of the peace and beacons of justice, but even these prestigious men and women are subject to breaking the law occasionally. When a police officer uses his or her position of authority to commit civil rights violations, there is legal recourse for victims. Although the road is […]

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  • Slip and Fall Injuries and Lawsuits

    April 10, 2019

    The common perception of a slip and fall lawsuit is the infamous grocery store scammer who “slips” on water purposefully for compensation. This dramatized disinformation discredits real slip and fall victims who can be severely injured or even killed due to a property owner’s negligence. Below we will discuss the most common types of slip and […]

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  • Construction-Related Injuries and Legal Remedies

    March 19, 2019

    Construction is consistently one of the most dangerous and physically demanding industries. While steps have been taken to safeguard workers in these types of jobs, it remains inherently dangerous. In 2016, OSHA reported that about one in five employee deaths occurred in the construction industry. Construction’s fatal four, or the top causes of accidents, are […]

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