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Camden County Police Investigate Overdoses on “Batman” Heroin in South Jersey

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Blog

Heroin overdoses are on the rise throughout South Jersey. For example, Camden NJ law enforcement is investigating a recent rash of heroin overdoses related to heroin stamped with “Batman.” According to Camden New Jersey authorities, there have been more than 20 heroin OD victims in the past week who went to Cooper University Health Care in Camden, New Jersey. Doctors at the Camden NJ hospital treated the heroin overdose victims with Narcan (also known as naloxone), an anti-overdose drug. The high number of heroin overdoses in recent weeks has alarmed Camden officials. Camden County police officers are investigating the incidents and have already determined that many of the drug overdoses are a result of free samples of heroin that have been dispended on Camden NJ streets. The free heroin samples have all been stamped with “Batman.” The “Batman” heroin has popped up in a number of South Jersey municipalities, including Camden, Gloucester City, Galloway, Mount Ephraim, Runnemede, Voorhees, and Williamstown. In response to the rise in the number of heroin ODs, Camden County law enforcement has begun to crack down on illegal drug possession. For instance, Camden County NJ cops are now actively seeking out certain suspects accused of heroin distribution and related drug crimes. Beyond that, Camden County detectives are following leads on drug distribution networks that could be behind the recent disbursement of “Batman” heroin in South Jersey. Additionally, Camden County health officials are requesting an increase in the amount of Narcan that is available for treatment of potential drug overdoses. For more information, read the article, “‘Batman’ Heroin Reportedly Cause of Peak in Overdoses, Cops Warn.”If you or a loved one was arrested for heroin possession, marijuana possession, or any other drug crime in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you should make sure you speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Garber Law will help you fight your criminal charges and avoid conviction. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.